Our Pricing


Basic Rates per Person:

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday $45 per night
Thursday and Sunday
$60 per night
Friday and Saturday $70 per night
Day Rate
Early Bird Special (Sunday thru Thursday)
$30 (see note 3 below)

1)  We have a ten (10) person minimum please.

2)  Check out time is 1PM.  This applies not only for the last day of the retreat but for individuals leaving before the end of their retreat booking.  If an individual wishes to stay on into the evening then the day rate would apply.

3)  You may check in the evening before the retreat booking start date on any days except Friday and Saturday.  Check in time for early bird rate is 5PM.  We may be turning the retreat around or doing maintenance before 5PM.
Please note that Early Bird Special only applies to the one night before the Retreat Booking starts.

Catered Meal Rates:

Prepared meals are optional. Guests are welcome to use the kitchen facility to prepare their own meals.  Our kitchen is well stocked with condiments.  There is an HEB and a Super Wal-Mart close by. Additionally, there are a number of good restaurants in the area.  If guests wish to be pampered, prepared food is available.  Please see our Menu.
Coffee and Tea are complimentary.